Philippine Lawyers Directory

Welcome to the Philippine Lawyers Database. This is a database of Philippine lawyers based on the official list from the Supreme Court website.

Click on the starting letter of the lawyer's family name:
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We only provide an alphabetical index to the names. We have removed the sorting by roll number and year of enrollment as they do not really provide any value to our users.

For each lawyer, we provide the following pieces of information where available:

  • the complete name, including possible changes due to marriage after inclusion of the name in the roster of lawyers
  • contact information (office address; telephone, fax and mobile numbers; email address)
  • short biographical information, specifically for lawyers who are also public figures
  • the hometown, if indicated in the Supreme Court database
  • the roll number
  • the date of signing of the roster
  • the school where the lawyer obtained his/her law degree
  • list of authored articles and books
  • the IBP (Integrated Bar of the Philippines) chapter where the lawyer belongs
  • links to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)


Inclusion in our database is only a prima facie indication that the person is included in the Supreme Court website's list of lawyers (up to 2010) or his/her name was among those indicated as having passed the 2011 and 2012 bar examinations. Inclusion in our database does not necessarily mean that the person is still practicing law. Conversely, exclusion from the database does not necessarily mean that the person is not entitled to practice law in the Philippines. We could have missed someone. Or he/she could have requested exclusion.

We respect requests for exclusion. To verify that you are who you claim you are, scan a government-issued ID and attach the same to the email you will send to to request exclusion.

We rely on publicly available references for the information we put up here. Information presented herein could be outdated. If you find any error or discrepancy, please email us at about the error or discrepancy. Please cite the URL of the lawyer profile you are referring to.

We are not a lawyer-referral firm - please do not ask us who's the best lawyer to handle your case. The best lawyer to handle your case is the one handling your case. If he/she is considered worthy by the Supreme Court to practice law, he/is worthy to handle your case.