R.A. No. 1414, Creation of the Province of Aklan


Section 1. The Province of Aklan is hereby created to consist of the municipalities of Altavas, Balete, Batan, Banga, Buruanga, Ibajay, Kalibo, Lezo, Libacao, Madalag, Malay, Makato, Malinao, Nabas, New Washington, Numancia, and Tangalan, heretofore, being and forming a part of the present Province of Kalibo.

Section 2. The Capital of the Province of Aklan shall be the Municipality of Kalibo.

Section 3. Except as hereinafter provided, all provisions of law now or hereafter applicable to the regular provinces shall be applicable to the Province of Aklan. The said Province of Aklan shall be within the jurisdiction of the Eleventh Judicial District.

Section 4. Upon the effectivity of this Act, the elective provincial officers of the Province of Aklan shall be appointed by the President of the Philippines with the advice and consent of the Commission on Appointments, and shall hold office until their successors shall have been duly elected and shall have qualified at the next general elections.

Section 5. The Province of Aklan shall have one Representative District: Provided, however, That the incumbent Representatives for each respective District of the Province of Capiz shall continue to serve their terms of office until the next general elections for national officials.

Section 6. For purposes of this Act, the Second Representative District of Capiz shall thereafter be constituted by the municipalities of Tapaz, Sigma, Mambusao, Jamindan and Sapian.

Section 7. The funds and properties of all kinds to be assigned to the Provinces of Aklan and Capiz upon execution of the provisions of this Act shall be distributed equitably between two provinces, in such manner as the Auditor General may recommend and the President of the Philippines may approve.

Section 8. This Act shall take effect on such date as may, by proclamation, be set by the President of the Philippines.

Approved, April 25, 1956.